Zyrexindo Mandiri Buana (ZYRX) Targets Sales of Rp 1 Trillion in 2024

ISSUER – JAKARTA. PT Zyrexindo Mandiri Buana Tbk (ZYRX) has set an optimistic target for this year. The manufacturer of Zyrex brand laptops aims to achieve sales of IDR 1 Trillion by 2024. The net profit growth ratio will be maintained in the range of 8%-10%. Zyrexindo’s Corporate Secretary Evan Jordan explained that the set target is in line with the prospects of laptop and PC sales in Indonesia, which he sees will have many positive moments, even though in 2023, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported a global decrease in PC and laptop sales volume by 259 million. “Therefore, Zyrex as a local laptop manufacturer is always closer to our consumers, through collaborations with distributors. Zyrex is also present to stimulate the demand for laptops & computers according to market needs,” Evan revealed when contacted by KONTAN, Tuesday (6/2). Zyrex is also preparing a number of sales strategies by collaborating with new distributors, increasing brand awareness by opening Service Centers & Showrooms in various Indonesian cities including Bandung, Medan, and Manado, which is part of the company’s ongoing expansion plan to meet customer needs. Thus, the sales target of IDR 1 trillion is expected to be achieved this year. Zyrex’s sales will also be supported by the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) segment 30%, Business-to-business (B2B) 40% and Business-to-government (B2G) with a portion of 30%. In line with the sales target, the company will also increase production by 15%- 20% compared to 2023. This year the company plans to launch new products such as PC & Gaming Laptops. Meanwhile, some of the flagship products that will drive sales until the end of this year are Chromebook, PC Tactical, and Cruiser.

From the capital expenditure (capex) side, Zyrex has set aside funds worth IDR 20 billion. This capex will be used for warehouse expansion and production facilities. In addition, as of the end of the third quarter of 2023, ZYRX recorded revenue of IDR 230.78 billion, up 22.54% from the same period last year at IDR 188.32 billion. All ZYRX device sales are sold to the domestic market. Meanwhile, ZYRX recorded a net profit of IDR 29.8 billion, up 32.9% from the net profit in the third quarter of 2022 which was only IDR 22.47 billion.

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Editor: Syamsul Azhar | | Reporter: Venny Suryanto

Editor: Syamsul Azhar | | Reporter: Venny Suryanto

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